Soup & Salad
Sushi & Sashimi
Lunch Box
Dinner Box
UMI Party Tray
Edamame Steamed Japanese young soy beans
Ebi Shumai Steamed shrimp dumplings
Wasabi Shumai Steamed wasabi flavored pork dumpling
Vegetable Gyoza Vegetable dumpling, deep-fried
Gyoza Pork & vegetable dumpling, deep-fried
Shrimp Tempura Shrimp and vegetable, deep-fried
Vegetable Tempura Assorted Vegetables, deep-fried
Soft Shell Crab Deep-fried soft shell crab
Agedashi Tofu Deep-fried tofu with tempura sauce
Sushi Appetizer 4pcs Sushi
Sashimi Appetizer 6pcs Sashimi
Ebi Su Boiled shrimp with cucumber and ponzu sauce
Tako Su Octopus with cucumber and ponzu sauce